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Stay at Affordable Accommodations in Central London

Planning a trip to London for your holiday or for business means knowing not only where the best part of the city is to stay but where rooms are that fit nicely into your budget. Central London can be the best place to stay since it is so close to many great attractions and business areas but it can also be difficult to find accommodations that are clean, comfortable and affordable for you. If you are looking for cheap and budget hotels in Paddington, the Paddington Hotel London offers everything you need.


Hotels near Harrods

Travelling to London could involve significant expenses. You will need to provide for your flight tickets, sightseeing and loads more. This is why, booking with the Paddington Hotel London when choosing among hotels near Harrods would be a great idea. Unlike most cheap & budget hotels near Paddington Central London, we also provide easy access to the Heathrow Airport. Therefore, your transits automatically become cheaper. Besides, you can also access prominent places of interest like Westminster Abbey and Kensington Palace with ease.

Hotels near Harrods: Look for Comfortable Rooms

Just because you are being offered cost effective accommodation at one of the hotels near Harrods does not necessarily mean you are required to compromise on the quality of accommodation that has been provided. When you book with us, you clearly know the difference between a compromised deal and a truly good deal. We, at the Paddington Hotel London, offer you highly comfortable rooms at cost effective rates. What’s more! Our rooms are tastefully done as well. Simply book a room with us and enjoy the difference.

Hotels near Harrods with Breakfast

All our accommodation deals come with a full course English breakfast. We provide a sumptuous and nutritious spread that helps you to kick-start your day with vigour and energy. We, at the Paddington Hotel London, make fresh additions to our menu every now and then in order to break the monotony.