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Stay at Affordable Accommodations in Central London

Planning a trip to London for your holiday or for business means knowing not only where the best part of the city is to stay but where rooms are that fit nicely into your budget. Central London can be the best place to stay since it is so close to many great attractions and business areas but it can also be difficult to find accommodations that are clean, comfortable and affordable for you. If you are looking for cheap and budget hotels in Paddington, the Paddington Hotel London offers everything you need.


Hotels near Kensington Palace

If you are looking for a Central London hotel, the Paddington Hotel London would be a good choice. Your London tour should be too heavy on your pocket. Book with us and we will be more than just a roof over your head. We will be your partner in this journey. Our premises are Victorian and our hospitality is genuine. The famous Kensington Palace is just over a mile from our hotel. If you want to get the most suitable room for you in our hotel, make sure that you book in advance.

Facilities at Our Cheap and Budget Hotel in Paddington

It is hard to find cheap accommodation in Paddington, just like it is hard to find home in an unknown city. We, at Paddington Hotel London, will provide you the comfort of home at discounted rates. If you are lucky, you may come just in time for a seasonal discount. Also, if you come with friends and family and book multiple rooms, you will get a bulk booking discount. In the morning, we serve traditional English breakfast, which will raise your spirits before you start exploring the city.

Location Advantage at Our Hotel near Kensington Palace

Our hotel is located at one of the most happening places in London. The strategic location of our hotel puts us in walking distance from major tourist attractions like Harrods, Westminster Abbey, Madame Tussauds, and Kensington Palace and so on. You can easily get to these places by walking or by using public transport. The Kensington Palace is a beautiful landmark near Paddington. It showcases paintings and artefacts that once belonged to the royal family.

Remember that the earlier you book; the better would be your chances of getting accommodation at a price you are happy with.